Have you ever gone to a website just to do a price check? Maybe you want a new pair of boots or a subscription service. Heck, you’re probably doing that on my website right now. Isn’t it frustrating when companies hide their prices?! You have to fill out a form and put in your email just to get a ballpark figure for something you don’t even know if you want yet. So here I am, hoping to be as transparent as possible to make life easier for you!

What I specialize in is custom animated videos. What that means is every project has it’s own custom price, depending on a multitude of factors, such as design complexity, timeline, and length of video. That being said, I’m putting some ballpark prices for different types of projects below so you can get an idea of how much your project might cost. Now, just because you don’t have a big budget, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get an awesome video. In fact, some of the simpler videos have become my favorite ones to do. There are many creative solutions we can use to keep the timeline/budget down, such as more text on screen, less revisions, or less elements animating.

I like to compare pricing to building a house.

Everything priced below is “per second.” And you may think, “that’s a lot of money for 1 second of animation.” But the truth is, animation has a ton of steps (see PROCESS), so although I am representing it as one price per second, there is a lot involved in animation.



You want it all. Basically, a complex animation with full scenes and plenty of animation for your eyeballs. Character animation lives in this price range. Many of the more realistic looking videos will also fall into this category because making and rendering realistic scenes takes a lot of time. Depending on the deadline, I may need to bring in more freelancers to help, which also drives up the cost.


  • $500/second (UP to 60 seconds)

  • $400/second (75-120 seconds)

  • $350/second (>135 seconds)


You want something awesome, but are a little more flexible on the look of it. Videos fall into this category if they aren’t realistic, but still are full scene animations and have a lot of complexity.


  • $350/second (UP TO 60 seconds)

  • $275/second (75-120 seconds)

  • $250/Second (>135 seconds)




  • $200/second (UP TO 60 SECONDS)

  • $150/second (>75 seconds)


It’s small, but sturdy. And serviceable.


  • $125/second (UP TO 60 seconds)

  • $100/second (>75 seconds)