Our brains were originally programmed to help us survive in a world with many physical threats, such as lack of food or extreme weather conditions. Although we don’t need many of these survival mechanisms anymore, many of our thoughts and feelings are still their byproducts. This video explores just a couple ways in which our brain process information incorrectly, but there are hundreds.

When I set out on this personal project, I knew I wanted to teach people something, and I wanted to do it in 3D. I started with writing the script, then sketching out ideas. It was important to me to sketch out my ideas before entering the software, because I wanted to make sure the ideas drove the animation, not the software. I then built and animated all my scenes using Cinema 4D. I wanted to learn about the process of start to finish projects in 3D, and make sure they were achievable in a client setting. This was such a fun, challenging project, and it gave me the confidence of knowing that a start to finish 3D video in a reasonable amount of time is indeed achievable. Below you will find the final video, followed by some styleframes and process. This was a GIGANTIC project, but I loved (almost) every second of it!

After completing the project, I wanted to create a process video to show a little behind the scenes of the project. Everything in this project from start to finish was done by me, and I am proud that I was able to achieve it on my own. My favorite part of the process is probably modeling. It is so fun to try and get a completely quad mesh, it’s like a giant puzzle and I can get lost in it for hours. Below you will find my process video, followed by a case study in case you’re a super nerd and want to read stuff.